If we could control the growing season, we’d probably schedule it to a T. But nature is nature, and the U–Pick times in this chart are just approximations. Actual picking times might be earlier or later, as the weather can affect normal schedules. Plus, because U–Pick is so popular and so many people come to pick, we can’t guarantee the availability of any particular fruit at any given time. To see what’s picking, go to "U-Pick" or call our U-Pick hotline at 508-653-0653.


Golden Delicious and Jonagold apples are ready for picking. We also have available in the big red barn our freshly picked Asian pears and the following apples: Macoun, McIntosh and Jonagold. Fruit availability depends on the number of people that come to pick and the weather. The Farm will close on Sunday, November 2 for the season.

Small fruit bag (5 lbs) costs $10.00
Medium fruit bag (10 lbs) costs $18.00
Large fruit bags (25 lbs) costs $32.00



U-Pick schedule



What's Picking?

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