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Belkin Family Lookout Farm is one of the oldest continuously working farms in the United States. The importance of farming cannot be overlooked because, “food feeds us all.”  Lookout Farm strives to share the agricultural experience with our guests by combining agricultural education with outdoor entertainment. In addition to our fruit U-pick, Lookout Farm grows fresh local fruit for wholesale to many regional restaurants and markets as well as farm fresh hard cider and beer.  

Three centuries before Joan and Steve Belkin took stewardship of Lookout Farm in 2005, Natick was just a small settlement west of Boston.


Lookout Farm’s Ownership History


  • 1650: Minister John Eliot and settlers established the farm

  • 1761: Captain David Morse purchased the farm, and his family lived there nearly 75 years

  • 1816: Elijah Perry and family took over and owned the farm for over 40 years

  • 1856: William Hanchett purchased the farm

  • 1894: Charles Whittemore and his brothers took over, and Lookout Farm got its name

  • 1925: The Jennes family took over ownership and operation of Lookout Farm

  • 1986: Joseph Casilnova purchased the farm

  • 1992: The Marino family became Lookout Farm’s new owners

  • 2005: Steve and Joan Belkin purchased the farm

Today, Lookout Farm is as much a part of the Natick community as it was for John Eliot and his fellow settlers more than 300 years ago.  

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Walk-In and

Curbside Pick Up Hours:

Daily 11am to 4pm

Grab-n-Go 4-packs and select items are available from 4pm to 9pm at our Greenhouse Restaurant pop up shop.

The Greenhouse at Lookout farm

RESERVATION LINE during business hours: (508) 745-3697

Reservations can be made online with RESY 

Tuesday - Thursday 4pm to 8pm

Friday - 11:30am to 9pm

Saturday 10am to 9pm

Sunday 10am to 8pm

*Please follow state guidelines for Masks & Social Distancing.
Please be aware that new state guidelines limit table times to 90 minutes.

*Reservations Encouraged / Walk-ins Welcome - space permitting.

*Please bring smart phone / device for online ordering once seated

*Sorry No Dogs allowed 

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